Get books delivered to your doorstep.
Return them when you're done reading.
Just like a library.

Islamabad only (for now)

The Rules

1. Membership Fee

The membership fee is Rs. 500 per month. The first payment will be collected when your first book is delivered to you. Subsequent payments will be due at the beginning of each monthly billing cycle, and will also be collected at your given address.

2. Book Types

We will chiefly be dealing in relatively popular fiction and non-fiction. With the exclusion of rare books, academic texts and magazines, we'll try our very best to find and send you any book you wish to read.

3. Ordering Books

You may order any book you wish – within the criteria specified above – through the website ( If we don't have it, we'll attempt to procure it. This way, you'll also help grow our library. If we can't find it, we'll let you know within 3 days.

4. Multiple Orders

Right now, you may only order one book at a time. This means you must return the book that you have before you can order another different one. There is no limit to how many books you can order in a month as long as you do it one book at a time.

5. Loan period

Each book is loaned to you for a maximum period of 21 days. You may return the book at any time before that, or you may renew your order for another 21 days through the website ( if you haven't finished reading by the return date.

6. Damaged Books

Please don't damage the books (or cause them to be damaged through negligence). Ripped or torn pages, markings of any kind, stains, and broken spines are all forms of damage. You will be fined if significant deterioration is observed in the book's condition since it was loaned to you. The amount of the fine will be determined on a case-to-case basis.

7. Returning Books

You may ask for a book to be collected before its return date through the website ( We'll send you a reminder – by email and SMS – 3 days before a book is due to be returned. If you have not renewed your order for a book, it will be collected from you on its return date.

8. Lost Books

If you lose a book, you must buy another (non-pirated) copy of the same book and return it to us.

9. Delivery Time

After your order has been confirmed, books will be delivered within 3 days or sooner. There will be no deliveries or collections on Sundays and public holidays.